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Etherjazz offers a full range of services for your web site project. We'll handle everything from domain name registration and hosting through design, marketing and maintenance.

Web site design is the heart and soul of what we do. We develop a custom plan for each project based on the client goals and target audience.

Then we develop a site plan outlining the content for the site and a page layout.

After that's done, we will put the text, graphics, navigation and other content onto your pages.

We can evaluate your existing site and assess it's strengths, needs and visibility on the web.

We can also analyze your site for its useability - how easy, consistent and intuitive it is for visitors to navigate.

Another service that customers value is a peer site review, where we look at other sites like yours and see how your site compares.

If you need a domain name, we'll work with you to select one and get it registered. We'll then set up a hosting plan for your site that meets your project requirements. We'll also set up your e-mail accounts.

Web sites are a visual medium, and an attractive graphic presentation is essential to drawing visitors into your site.

We start with a blank canvas for all our projects. We will use your existing logo and other artwork or develop custom graphics for you.

We also include custom or stock photographs and can add animation to your site using Flash technology.

Databases are an integral part of large web sites, and are a key component of building what are called dynamic web sites. With a database, we can make one web page do the work of many by linking the content required to a relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server.

We are experienced in all of the programming languages and tools needed for basic and advanced sites. We build our sites to conform to the latest standards, and can also make it accessible to people with disabilities to comply with Section 508.

Our capabilities include:

  • JavaScript, Visual Basic, PERL/CGI
  • Active Server Pages, ASP.NET and PHP Scripting

We will optimize your site to maximize its visibility to search engines and web crawlers. We make sure that the text on your pages is written in a way that enhances your search engine visibility.

We will submit your site to all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you desire more visibility, we'll assist you with paid placement services available from Yahoo, Google and others.

We provide ongoing site maintenance services for our clients on either an as-needed basis or on retainer.


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Typical Web Site Project Plan

This outline shows the major tasks involved in a typical web site project. The sequence generally follows the order shown. It should be noted that every project is unique, and variations are common.

  • Initial Assessment: Assess needs; determine scope and general requirements; identify special requirements (e.g. database, e-commerce)
  • Domain Name/Hosting: Procure domain name. Set up hosting and e-mail accounts.
  • Analysis: Conduct detailed analysis. Identify target audience, client goals, competitors. Conduct peer site review. Develop best of class feature list.
  • Site Architecture: Identify pages & features for site. Divide work into phases for incremental development. Develop site map showing hierarchy of pages.
  • Graphic Design: Develop comprehensive, scaled graphical representation of the web page layout, incorporating logos, headers, footers, navigation elements and content areas.
  • Content Development: Develop text and graphical content for each page. Create internal and external links & bookmarks.
  • Special Features: Develop special features as required: database development; e-commerce; multimedia content; forms; scripting; and back office integration.
  • Testing: Test prototypes and optimize for fast page loading. Test final design prior to production release.
  • Publication: Move final pages into production.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Optimize pages for search engine keywords. Register site with search engines and paid placement services as required.